It’s no secret that the tax environment is changing for small businessThe Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) is becoming increasingly process-driven. We are advocates for our clients and try to ensure that your systems and documentation is ready to withstand an audit.



You work to live, you need sound, effecient tax advice and a tax structure that is simple to maintain and cost-effective. You don’t want business to run your life.


Venture-backed or looking to scale quickly. You need to take advantage of SR&ED and other tax incentives to squeeze as much as possible from investment in your business.


Your firm would like to leverage our experience to assist your technology clients navigate the complexities of SR&ED and other tax incentive programs.


Which Accounting Software Should My Company Use?

New business owners invariably ask the question. The problem is – it’s the wrong question.

If you want someone to write the copy for a press release, you wouldn’t care if it was written as a GOOGLE DOC or a MICROSOFT WORD DOC. You just want to make sure that is well-written.

Why You’d Like Your CPA to Help with Your Projections – and Why Your CPA Doesn’t Want to

I recently had to update my professional liability insurance. One of the questions the insurer always asks is:

Do I do any FOFI work?
So what is FOFI and why do insurers ask about it?

FOFI is “Future Oriented Financial Information”, aka cash flow projections. Insurers charge more for the extra risk that FOFI work entails. Let’s face it, projections are always wrong.

Businesses that want their CPA involved in their projections, want the credibility that a CPA would theoretically add. The CPA is understandably nervous, since he or she will ultimately be associated with a set of statements that will certainly be wrong. In the case of a startup, projections could easily be wildly wrong.

Canada’s SRED Program

Sucess (Startup Genome – 2017)

– Vancouver (No.15)
The Vancouver startup ecosystem is currently comprised of 800-1,100 startups and shining success stories. In the early days Slack’s founder estimated the market for the software to be $100 million, which they exceed in just three years – and have now become the fastest growing business software of all time.

More Than One Kind of Business?

Incubators, angel investors and many service providers seek companies poised for exponential growth. They’re looking for talented people with killer technology in markets that have limitless potential. Of course companies can actually tick all those boxes.

What is our business model?

Every business is unique. When starting a new kind of business, building an effective business model can be extremely challenging. In fact one well-known expert (Steve Blank been quoted as saying that technology startups aren’t really businesses at all. Instead they are “temporary organizations in search of a business model”.

For more traditional businesses, the business model may be straightforward – but navigating the tax and regulatory environment isn’t easy.

We help businesses with an innovative approach to tax and accounting support. By simplifying the tax and regulatory functions, we help you concentrate on delivering the goods and services that are the mainstay of every successful business.

Lifestyle business

Are you a ‘freelancer’ or a refugee from the ‘gig economy’? Are you looking to be your own boss or to gain the job security that comes from creating your own business?

Seed Stage

Early stage companies that are trying to understand the ecosystem and need good business advice (Organic Growth & Lifestyle Business – Some of our most innovate clients aren’t looking to grow or are looking to grow organically)

SR&ED Consulting For CPA Firms

SR&ED can be subjective for practitioners – we’re skilled in tax, costing as well as technical issues

Growth Business

Venture-backed or looking to scale quickly?


“Thanks so much for your advice and work stewarding me through the EBC application process. Definitely could not have done that without you.”

Shamus Reid

New Mode Consulting

“Rob is an accountant who totally gets what startup tech firms need!”

Jeh Daruvalah

YacTraq Online Inc

“Much of our conversation would make a great set of white papers for the startups. It’s in a different league from what I’ve heard before and would certainly have shortened the SR&ED application cycle for the ones I’ve worked on.”

E. Forrest Christian

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